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Open Access Journal: Dionysus Ex Machina: Rivista annuale online di studi sul teatro antico

Dionysus Ex Machina: Rivista annuale online di studi sul teatro antico
ISSN: 2038-5137
Dionysus Ex Machina, rivista on line di studi sul teatro antico pubblicata con cadenza annuale, si articola in sei sezioni (Testi, Dopo l'antichità, Scene, Monumenti, Cinema, Laboratori. Scuola e Università) e in uno spazio ulteriore (Notizie) costantemente aggiornato, che ospita annunci, recensioni e agili schede di spettacoli teatrali, libri, convegni, festival attinenti alla drammaturgia e, più in generale, alla cultura classica. Sono disponibili liberamente tutti gli articoli, i contenuti multimediali, lo spazio Notizie e i link, previa registrazione gratuita. 

I volumi della Biblioteca di DEM possono essere acquistati interamente o per singoli articoli tramite Casalini Libri.

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Ancient Coins of the Balkan Peninsula

Ancient Coins of the Balkan Peninsula
Nikola Moushmov's (1896 -1942) Ancient Coins of the Balkan Peninsula and the Coins of the Bulgarian Monarchs, was published in 1912, originally in "Old Bulgarian" (that is, using archaic word forms that would confound automated translation software) plus Latin translations of headings. It is particularly comprehensive for Roman Provincial coins of Moesia and Thrace, rather like an old form of today's excellent "Greek Imperial Coins" volumes by Ivan Varbanov.
The original book is arranged alphabetically by city and chronologically by ruler within that city, then alphabetical by reverse type, e.g. Aesklepios before Apollo, before Artemis, before Athena. [Note that the English translation does not have the reverse types in alphabetical order.]
There are 500 pages of listings plus 68 plates (on 6" x 8.5" pages), and a total of 7460 numbered types. For comparison, Moushmov lists 43 types for Geta from Nikopolis, SNG Copenhagen lists only one, Varbanov lists 108.
Moushmov is less than fully definitive on each listed type, and employs a clever trick with the plates. He lists the various possible legends for the ruler(s) at the beginning of their sections, then lists the types (e.g "Concordia seated with patera & cornucopaie") for them, but without associating specific legends of either the obverse or the reverse with that entry. It is therefore most likely that there are a number of different possible legends, legend breaks, legend configuration, bust types, sizes or magistrate's name for any given Moushmov number. Such differences are not vars. I would say that a var is only one which is not listed in other, more precise works, e.g. AMNG, Varbanov, RecGen, BMC etc.
Moushmov's photographic plates provide examples of most reverse types, using the illustrations of generic types, so he uses, e.g. a coin from Markianopolis to illustrate the same type from Nikopolis, Tomis and Kallatis - a clever way to save space in his plates, but which may cause confusion among beginners, so hopefully they will read this intro first!
- Dave Surber, March, 2003
- Dane Kurth, May 2009
Return to the Moushmov index.
Entries are arranged by regions and cities. Entries in italics do not yet have images or plates linked in.
I. Dacia
II. Moesia Superior, Viminacium
- Dionysopolis
- Istros
- Kallatis
- Markianopolis
- Nikopolis ad Istrum
- Tomis
- Abdera
- Ainos
- Anchialus
- Augusta Traiana
- Apollonia Pontika
- Bizanthe
- Byzantium
- Bizya
- Deultum
- Dikaia
- Hadrianopolis
- Kabyle
- Kypsela
- Maroneia
- Mesembria (in Ponto)
- Messembria ad Aegaeum
- Nikopolis ad Mestum
- Odessos
- Pautalia
- Perinthos
- Philippopolis
- Plotinopolis
- Selymbria
- Serdica
- Topiros
- Trajanopolis
V. Thracian Chersonese
Uncertain mintof Thracian Chers.
- Lemnos
- Myrina on Lemnos
- Hephaestia on Lemnos
- Samothrace
- Imbros
- Thasos
VIII. Kings of Scythia
- Macedonia, Autonomous, 185-146 BC
- Roman Province of Macedonia, From 95 BC
- Acanthus
- Aegae
- Aeneia
- Amphaxus
- Amphipolis
- Aphytis
- Apollonia
- Berga
- Beroea
- Bisaltae
- Bottiaea
- Capsa
- Cassandrea
- Chalkidice
- The Derrones
- Dicaea
- Diony
- Dium
- Edessa
Macedonia, not Edessa, Mesopotamia!
- Edoni
- Eion
- Eurydicea
- Lete
- Mende
- Neapolis
- Orthagoria
- Ossa
- Pella
- Phila
- Philippi
- Potidaea
- Pydna
- Pythium
- Scione
- Sermyle
- Stobi
- Terone
- Thessalonika
- Traelium (Tragilos)
- Tyntenes
- Uranopolis
- Zaieleon
X. Thrace or Macedonia, Uncertain Mint
XI. Macedonian Kings
XII. Paeonia
XIII. Paeonian Kings
XIV. Athenean Coins

XV. Medieval Bulgarian Coinage

Griechisches Münzwerk Online

Griechisches Münzwerk. Berlin: Akademie Verlag

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Open Access Journal: Backdirt: Annual Review of the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at UCLA

[First posted in AWOL 14 December 2010, updated 14 August 2017]

Backdirt: Annual Review of the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at UCLA
ISSN: 2325-4904
Backdirt: Annual Review, which began as a newsletter in 1973, is the magazine of the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology that highlights the recent news, research and activities of the Institute. The CIoA Press publishes the annual magazine each spring.
Our current and older issues can be downloaded from the links below.

Backdirt 2016

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  • Read about the work conducted in the CIoA Labs
  • Life of the Egyptian Coffin
  • Cave Temples of Dunhuang
  • The Achievements of Jane E. Buikstra
  • Using Stable Isotopes to Explore Ancient Wildebeest Biogeographies
  • And much more! download PDF

Backdirt 2015

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  • Institute achievements in 2015
  • Extracting insights from the Southwest through computer modelings and large datasets
  • Reports from the field discuss coffin reuse in Egypt, community involvement in the Philippines and a mysterious line of holes in Peru
  • Marija Gimbutas: Old Europe, Goddesses and Gods, and the Transformation of Culture
  • The Field School Revolution
  • And much more! download PDF

Backdirt 2014

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  • Recent awards and honors
  • The Tin Problem Reconsidered: Recent Archaeometallurgical Research on the Anatolian Plateau
  • Exploring Ancient Pastoral Mobility through Stable Isotope Analysis: A Case Study from Kenya
  • Prehistoric Urban Archaeology in the Americas: A View from Cusco, Peru
  • Researcher's Notebook
  • And much more! download PDF

Backdirt 2013

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  • Reminiscences of directors
  • 40th Anniversary Exclusive
  • From Clay to Milk in Mediterranean Prehistory: Tracking a Special Vessel
  • Looting: Another Phase in the Social History of a Pre-Hispanic Cemetery in Southern Peru
  • Reports from the field
  • And much more! download PDF

Backdirt 2012

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  • Ancient Maya Calendrics, Cosmology, and Creation
  • Coffin Reuse in the Twenty-First Dynasty
  • Surveying Landscapes
  • Conflict and Cooperation in the Northern Titicaca Basin
  • Little Lake Rock Art
  • And much more!Additional Backdirts are available on Scribd and For questions regarding subscriptions and submissions, e-mail the CIoA Press at

See the List of Open Access Books from the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology

Open Access Monograph Series: Kernos suppléments

[First posted in AWOL 9 July 30023, updated 14 August 2017]

Kernos suppléments
ISSN: 1376-179X 
Edited by André Motte and Vinciane Pirenne-Delforge